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4 Signs You’re Meant To Do Great Things With Your Life

May 30, 2018

I have a superpower…did you know that?

You may think I’m kidding, but I’m being completely serious.

Here’s the thing, I’ve always been someone who has grappled with self-doubt and insecurities. I question myself and my purpose on this planet more often than I care to admit. I find it really hard to believe that people actually want to be friends with me. More often than not I feel like a burden to those I love most.

It’s something I’m working through constantly, and I share this with you because I want you to know that I know what it’s like to feel…well…a bit less than.

When it comes to myself, I see flaws, but for some reason when it comes to other people, it’s like I have x-ray vision. I have this weird ability to see beyond the doubt, beyond the fear, and beyond the hardships to see what lies beneath the surface.

My superpower is the ability to see the greatness and potential in others.

Truthfully that’s why it drives me NUTS when I see people settling in jobs, relationships, and believe patterns that are keeping them in the shadows when I clearly see them being called into the light. I’ll admit that I don’t always know the exact “thing” someone is called to do (although the more I know people, the more I get a pretty darn good idea), but I know for sure when greatness is under the surface because, in my eyes, it’s blindingly beautiful, exciting, and energizing all at the same time.


If you saw you the way I see you, the world would ignite with your fire.


“Christiana…do you see that in everyone? Surely not everyone can be called to do great things?”


See that question? I’ve gotten that more than once and, truthfully, it doesn’t surprise me. That question, though not explicit, is the same thing as someone asking, “Christiana…do you see that in me? Surely I am not called to do great things, am I?”


Self-doubt is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, waiting to devour us by asking the question on behalf of other people when really the very person we’re questioning is ourselves. Think about it. (Seriously take a second and think about it…do you doubt your own calling? Something to journal about *hint hint *). I know the hidden meaning of that question because I’ve asked it about myself more than once.


The answer is yes, you ARE meant to do great things.  And that yes is applicable to each and every person reading this. And yes, I do mean you. How do I know? Well, without further adieu, here’s are the 4 signs you’re meant to do great things with your life:





Want to know how I know you’re meant to do great things with your life? You’re here reading this article. My guess is that you saw the title of this blog and felt a combination of curiosity, fear, and perhaps a little excitement at what this list would have on it. Would you have any of the signs? Perhaps this would be the validation you needed? But what if you DIDN’T have any of the signs?!

Here’s what I know to be true, God doesn’t put desires in your heart unless they’re meant for you, and clearly you have a desire to do big things. Dreams and desires are simply potential seeking expression. They’re your purpose crying out to you and asking you permission to live. After all, all great inventions, creations, works, deeds, and great wonders of the world began as dreams. You’re meant for great things because you desire great things…nuff said.


There are moments in life I call “face down in the arena” moments (pretty sure I borrowed that from my bff Brené Brown), and it’s these moments of extreme hardship–when you feel like everyone is pointing fingers and throwing insults as you struggle to push yourself up from the dirt –that are a sign that you’re meant to do great things.

As much as I hate to say this, we need these arena moments to prove to ourselves that we’re capable of courage, of strength, of absolute resilience. The high is only a high because we know what it’s like to be low. Women (and men) who are called to do great things have all asked themselves, “Do I even want to get up again?” or “Can I make it through this?” more times than they can count…and yet they get up. They choose to persevere one.more.time….even if it feels like they’re failing over and over.

If you’ve faced hardship after hardship after hardship, realize you’re being positioned for greatness and try as hard as you can to learn the lesson you’re meant to from the situation. We can’t make our journey shorter, but we can make it longer. Learn to thrive (and dance) in the storm because, girlfriend, it’s making you a fighter.


Validation in life feels so awesome, doesn’t it? Maybe someone you admire told you about the greatness they see in you, maybe you were acknowledged for a skill or gift you had, or maybe you even heard a little whisper from God telling you that you were special.

But you know what doesn’t feel awesome? When we’re the only ones around to witness this validation. In today’s day and age where we want to Insta story everything from our breakfast to our brand new shoes, it’s really, REALLY hard to receive validation that we can’t show to the world.

If you’ve been called to do great things, that’s exactly what’s going to happen when you’re first starting out. You’re going to receive approval, validation, or encouragement, but it’s not going to be anything you can put on display for others to see. (Bummer, right?)  You see, the easiest time to destroy something (or someone in your case) is when it’s just getting going. Your potential and the greatness inside of you is like a baby. Don’t get me wrong, babies are pretty darn resilient, but they’re also really helpless and fragile at the same time.

God has big plans for you, but if He were to put you on stage before you’re ready, a whole boatload of negativity (and negative people), hardship, trials, and dark forces could take you out of the game before you even got going.  If you’ve been validated in private, you’re meant to do great things…it just means you’re being kept safe for the time that you’re ready.


I don’t know about you, but I have both friends and family members who I swear are aliens. I mean this in the best way, but it’s like they have light years of knowledge, experience, and talents beyond mine, and they’re constantly getting awards and honors and accolades.  They say things, and I’m like “why didn’t I think of that?!” They’re constantly accomplishing greatness and, when I hear about their triumphs, I congratulate them but usually think to myself, “That doesn’t surprise me!”

So there’s them…and then there’s me…and that darn gap between who I am and what I want to do feels like all of the oceans in the world gave birth to an even bigger ocean, and I’m here trying to paddle across it on a rowboat. Sure I have successes of my own, we all do, but when I fail (and it happens often) my thoughts are often the same, “That doesn’t surprise me!”

Here’s the deal, remember when we talked about those hardships? Remember when we talked about being validated in private? This is the same thing. You’re meant to do great things in you life, but if that darn gap between where you are right now and where you want to be feels so great, that’s an awesome sign.  It simply means God want to work wonders on your life where YOU can’t. He wants people to look at your life and say, “How the heck did you do that?!” So the farther you are from your dream, the better! It means you’re about to grow by leaps and bounds and accomplish something far beyond what others think you’re capable of.

So…what do you think? Did you exhibit any of the signs? My guess is that you DID…but you’re probably now thinking something like this:

“All of these “signs” are great and all, but where do we go from here?” ←It’s like I’m a mind reader, huh? Did you just think that or am I crazy?

Never fear, I wouldn’t just leave you hanging like that! To be honest, I thought of giving you another list of “To Do” items to give you a head start on how to accomplish great things, but I decided against it.

It wouldn’t be fair for me to give you a list and move on! In my opinion, it would be like handing you a box of IKEA furniture pieces without the instructions and telling you to figure it out.

No, I have one better…I’ve created a FREE MINI COURSE for you:


That’s it! That’s how you get started accomplishing those great things! This course is a free program, and I’ve even included a nifty 23 page workbook with readings, reflection questions, and challenges for you!

Best of luck with this new brave journey and, as always, if you need me I’m just a comment away.

To being brave,




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