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7 Habits of Highly Courageous Women

May 15, 2018

Have you ever wanted to do something meaningful with your life? Do you have a vivid picture for the amazing things you’d like to do with this one precious life you have? OF COURSE you do! I don’t think I know an individual who wakes up saying, “Man, I want to be mediocre today!”
I don’t know about you, but there have been many times where I’ve turned to the stories of the courageous women whose lives have changed history as an example or source of inspiration, and I’ve felt…well…remarkably average.

Can you relate? Have you ever felt like the space between who you are and what you want to do with your life is SO WIDE, that you don’t know if what is in your heart is really meant for you? Have you ever felt like women who have done AMAZING things with their lives are light years beyond where you are right now?


Yeah me, too.
If you’ve ever seen the movie A Knight’s Tale, you can probably relate to the main character, William, a poor fisherman’s son who wants desperately to be a knight. There’s a scene where William, masquerading as a brave knight, loses a jousting tournament to his nemesis, Adhemar. (Side note, if you haven’t seen this movie, you MUST go watch it!) Standing before royalty to claim their prizes, Adhemar turns to William and utters a frustratingly brutal sentence.

“You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you’ve been found wanting.”



Yikes, right? I wish I could say I have no idea how “found wanting” feels, but I’d be lying to you. I think the majority of us can relate to moments where we’ve had the opportunity to step up, be courageous, and make a meaningful difference…and instead totally cowardly lion-ed it.

“The root of the word courage is cor –the Latin word for heart. In one of its earliest forms, the word courage had a very different definition than it does today. Courage originally meant ‘To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.’” – Brené Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection


Did you read that? Courage was never intended to be a word reserved for those who dared be a David in a Goliath of a world. It was meant to describe men and women who dared to open and share their heart, even if it was the scariest thing they could do.
Whoa, right?

I get it, you want to do big things with your life. I want that for you, too! My business, The Art of Bravery, was born out of a fierce desire to encourage and help other women to never settle in life. But to do that, to live a life where you don’t settle, you have to be courageous enough to show up and be YOU, the real you, and have a different type of outlook, mindset, and heart than what the world models for you.

Courageous women who change history are those who dared –in a world where group-think, fake-it-till-you-make-it, pretend-everything-is-fine-when-you’re-really-struggling is the norm –to share their whole heart. Women who have made history with their tremendous feats of heroics are absolutely deserving of all the praise they get, but I’ve decided to measure my myself by a new standard of courage…heart courage.


Below I’ve put together what, in my humble opinion, are the 7 Habits of Highly Courageous Women. Women who have demonstrated these qualities have made a tremendous impact on history but also on the lives of others.



Highly courageous women…

1. Are vulnerable and open about their weaknesses, flaws, and imperfections.

They don’t pretend to be perfect or act like someone they’re not. They’re open about their shortcomings and are willing to work on them.

2. View setBACKS as setUPS and constantly grow, regardless of the outcome.

They don’t let “failure” and trials derail them from what they’re meant to do. They use them to learn, as opportunities to strengthen their resiliency and courage, and catapult themselves into deeper levels of personal strength.

3. Love themselves and are comfortable with who they are.

In a world where you’re encouraged to be, look, and act like anyone other than yourself, courageous women dare to love themselves faults, gifts, imperfections, and all.

4. Celebrate others and love seeing them thrive without feeling threatened.

They operate with a “her success is not my failure” mentality and know that rising tides lift all ships.

5. View themselves as a catalyst for change.

They are actively looking to make an impact and are intentional about their relationship with others AND the world around them. They believe in the ability for one person to make a difference.

6. Think “what can I give?” vs. “what can I get?”

They know the greatest way to make a difference is to give back to others unselfishly.
Know that fear will always be there…but they consciously choose to be brave.

7. Know that fear will always be there…but they consciously choose to be brave.

They realize that little moments and flashes of bravery (being yourself, having a tough conversation, being real, sharing their story, being vulnerable) when fear is present are just as impactful as big, bold acts of heroics. Many tiny steps are just as valuable as big ones.

“That all is awesome, but how do I become a courageous woman?” <—You might be asking yourself that question, am I right?

If you’re anything like me, you read these lists and immediately want to know the “how”. Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered, but first I need to let you in on a little secret.



So often we think that reading more books, listening to more podcasts, reading awesome articles like this one, or watching the occasional pump-up YouTube video is going to transform us into the courageous woman we so desire to be.
Uh uh, ain’t going to cut it!
You need to APPLY the information you’re learning if you want to transform into that courageous woman! But never fear, I won’t leave you hanging ☺


Keep reading my blog weekly for some more great bravery themed information, check out THESE personal development books, or listen to Brooke Castillo’s podcast called The Life Coach School. Those are some great “Information” resources!


Try giving these journaling prompts a try! There are 101+ prompts to get you to shift your perspectives and discover the bravery to be yourself.
I also have a 21 Day Being Brave Journaling Course if you want to have more of a guided journey with videos, worksheets, reading assignments, and activation challenges.
Knock, knock! Try opening up and being vulnerable with the people around you! No better way to practice courage than by sharing your heart with those who care about you.


Listen up, Lady. You’re doing a GREAT job, so don’t constantly “weigh, measure, and find yourself wanting” by comparing yourself to other women. Stay in YOUR lane and trust that God has you right where you need to be. Women who acknowledge and appreciate where they are in the current moment are those that rocket-launch themselves toward their goals. You ALREADY have transformed in so many positive ways, so pat yourself on the back and trust that more transformation is coming now that you’ve chosen to be intentional about living a courageous life!
PHEW, that’s all there is folks! So tell me…what “habit” are you going to focus on this week? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!!




Hey, hey! I’m Christiana Hill – just a down-to-earth girl who decided life was too short and dreams are too important to sit in a gray cubicle while wearing a pantsuit. Nowadays, I travel the US in my renovated school bus teaching anyone who will listen about the true Art of Bravery and how it can help you live a life where you refuse to settle. Glad you're here!