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What To Do When People Don’t Get You Or Your Dreams

June 12, 2018

Hey there, Brave One. Question for you. Has anyone ever told you that you’re”wild” or your ideas are “wild”…like it’s a bad thing? Uh huh, yep, judging from the fact that you’re still reading, my guess is the answer is a resounding “Yes, ughhhh.”


I’ve been there and, truthfully, it was the negative, passive aggressive manner in which people called me and my dreams “wild” that almost stopped me from living the life I live today. (If we haven’t met before, my name is Christiana, I live in a school bus, own a business called The Art of Bravery, and help women find the courage to never settle in life. Nice to meet you! Let’s be friends!)


But let me back up for a second and let you know something about me.


Growing up, I was definitely not a wild child. I was a rule follower, a people-pleasing perfectionist, and an individual who judged her self-worth based on the opinions of everyone but myself. From my attitude to my clothes to the types of music I liked, no one would have put me and wild in the same sentence.


Maybe you’re the opposite, maybe people have always called you “wild” like it’s a swear word. Regardless, please keep reading because I can totally relate to how that made you feel.


You see, being the rule-following suckup mindless monkey scared-y cat perfectionist that I was all changed back in 2015 when I started my bravery journey. Have you ever seen one of those photos where they hide a 3D image inside of it and tell you, if you stare long enough, that you’ll see the hidden image? I think they’re called stereograms.  I don’t know about you, but I stare and stare and stare SO FRUSTRATED that I’m unable to find anything until BAM! I see it…and I actually can’t unsee it, even if I tried.


Like, “WHOA! You mean to tell me that’s been there the entire time?! No way…”


That same thing, the recognizing of something that had been there all along but I didn’t see, happened to me in 2015.  I realized that all my opinions, dreams, desires, and ideas on where I’d like my life to go were not my own…they were everyone else’s around me.  Try as hard as I might, I couldn’t unsee the pattern, which was that I had built a life trying to be someone I was not.


So in June of 2015, I began, in the smallest of ways, to test out what it meant to think for myself and dream bigger for my life.  What did I really want? What made me happy? What did I want my life to look like? What career would actually allow me to use my gifts? What are my gifts?! I’d never asked myself those questions before without letting responsibilities, opinions, or my own self-doubt and fear get in the way.

It didn’t happen overnight, but I remember just how excited I was when I started to uncover the answers for myself! I started to share with friends and family, even coworkers, what my dreams were! Their responses…well…weren’t what I was expecting.


“That’s…a wild idea.”
“Don’t be so reckless! That’s wild to think that way.”
“That’s cool, but isn’t it a little wild? Don’t you think you should be responsible?”
‘You’re WILD. I dig it!”


Wild…that word it kept coming up, and 9 times out of 10 it was used in a passive aggressive or negative fashion, probably very much how you’ve experienced it.


Here’s a question I want you to ask yourself….are you really “wild” and, more importantly, is that really a bad thing?


It’s taken me 3 years to own it, but where I am standing today as a business owner, a tiny house dweller, and an overall happy human, I can honestly say that I AM wild. My soul, the yearnings deep within me, are wild and untamable. They can’t be shoved in a box and forgotten because, truthfully, I no longer want them to be.


But here’s what’s most important…my heart, the part of me with the tenacity to make those wild dreams come to life, is BRAVE.


Brave enough to try, even if I’m worried about what others will think.
Brave enough to acknowledge that I am not perfect, but I’m worthy anyway.
Brave enough to stand up, dust my knees off, and give it one more shot.
Brave enough to start where I am, even if it’s so far away from where I want to be.

My heart is BRAVE….and so is yours.




That’s actually why I created this shirt.  It’s for women like you who need a reminder to be the full expression of who you are. Embrace your wild and dare to dream bigger, because that’s what makes you special and unique. We’ve all been put on this planet for a reason, and the wild within you was put there for a reason, too.  It’s the very thing that was given to you as a means to change the world.  But remember, dear friend, that you always carry with you a heart that is BRAVE and can bring those wild dreams to life.


Your soul is wild, your heart is brave, and by gosh, it inspires the heck out of me.


So if people don’t understand you or think your dreams are wild, here’s what you need to know:


They probably are wild, but it’s important to know your motivations!

Ask yourself what’s so wild about them. Get curious about where those opinions come from and if you really need to listen to them.  Be willing to find your truth.  There were a handful of times that “wild” for me really wasn’t what I wanted, but a total rebellion of what others wanted for me.  That’s why I say get curious! “Wild” dreams are ok as long as you know your motivations are to pursue what’s right for you.

Be willing to explore how this wild in you connects to your gifts.

What’s the correlation? How can you develop them further? It’s your duty in life to use the gifts you were given.  After all, that’s why you have them! What gift or talent or skill will this “wild” dream require you to use and grow? That’s an important starting point.

You have an obligation (obligation…scary word…don’t worry, this is a great thing!) to listen to what that wild is telling you and actually pursue it.

If you struggle with the “how” or feel like your wild dream is so overwhelmingly far away from where you are right now, check out THIS blog article or take THIS free course!


You’ve got this, Brave One! Just be sure to always remember that you have a home here with us at The Art of Bravery.  We’re always in your corner with our cute tees ready to go to bat for you, your dreams, and all that potential bottled up inside of you.  And if you want to be besties and match (btw you’ll totally be matching my mom, too, because I’m pretty sure she’s worn this shirt every day since she got it), be sure to shop the My Heart if Brave Tee!!  

To being brave,





Hey, hey! I’m Christiana Hill – just a down-to-earth girl who decided life was too short and dreams are too important to sit in a gray cubicle while wearing a pantsuit. Nowadays, I travel the US in my renovated school bus teaching anyone who will listen about the true Art of Bravery and how it can help you live a life where you refuse to settle. Glad you're here!