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What is Art Journaling?

March 8, 2018

I made a mistake.

Not like a HUGE mistake that I can’t take back, but more like a mistake that left a bunch of my community confused and semi-frustrated.

You see, I introduced The Art of Bravery Tribe, my month-long art journaling community, last week and didn’t REALLY explain what it is. The result? About 67 emails asking questions like:

    • What is art journaling anyway?
    • What would I need?
    • Are you guys meeting only in person?
    What do you even do over the month?

And while answering all of these emails, I realized there were probably HUNDREDS more people who had questions but didn’t ask them for whatever reason!

Gosh…I’m sorry. So to make it up to you, I’ve filmed this video answering ALL of your questions about art journaling and what supplies you’d need PLUS giving you a sneak peak of this month’s theme ☺

It’s a great one, so be sure you watch if you’re at all interested in art, journaling, community, or what we’re up to this month! And if you’re excited about what we’re doing and want to join, go HERE!

To being brave,




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