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You’re Braver Than You Give Yourself Credit For [50 Reasons Why]

August 29, 2018

“I’m not brave.”


Have you ever uttered those words before? I hear it all the time from “normal” women – women with corporate jobs, women with families, women in school – who think they have to be someone “special” to be brave. They think because they aren’t standing on a stage, writing books for a living, or heading up some girl boss business that posts on Instagram a lot that they’re not in that category of women.


I’m “normal” and, to be honest, I’ve spoken those words a time or two (or a million), so if you’ve said the same thing you’re not alone.


But you are wrong.


We both are because true bravery doesn’t require us to quit our jobs, travel the world, or stand up to “the man”. True bravery is in the everyday actions. It’s when we show up when we don’t want to. It’s when we have the courage to turn right when all signs tell us to go left.


Here’s a list of 50 reasons why you’re braver than you give yourself credit for. These are things you ALREADY ARE DOING that prove you’re brave. Go on! Give the list a read and comment below how many you’ve done.


  1. Have you failed and tried again? BRAVE

  2. Have you taken a risk? BRAVE

  3. Have you shared your story with someone? BRAVE

  4. Have you trusted your instincts when all signs said you were wrong? BRAVE

  5. Have you admitted you didn’t know the answer? BRAVE

  6. Have you put your past behind you? BRAVE

  7. Have you faced your problems? BRAVE

  8. Have you ended a toxic relationship? BRAVE

  9. Have you said “No” to people you care about? BRAVE

  10. Have you accepted constructive criticism? BRAVE

  11. Have you asked for feedback? BRAVE

  12. Have you ugly cried with someone else? BRAVE

  13. Have you kept your boundaries? BRAVE

  14. Have you tried something for the first time? BRAVE

  15. Have you made a decision to improve your circumstances? BRAVE

  16. Have you picked yourself up from hardship? BRAVE

  17. Have you believed in something bigger than yourself? BRAVE

  18. Have you apologized? BRAVE

  19. Have you shared your feelings with someone? BRAVE

  20. Have you asked for help? BRAVE

  21. Have you done the right thing even if it felt uncomfortable? BRAVE

  22. Have you surrendered control? BRAVE

  23. Have you stopped to actually feel your feelings? BRAVE

  24. Have you given it your best shot with no clue what you were doing? BRAVE

  25. Have you begun or kept trying even with the odds against you? BRAVE

  26. Have you gotten out of bed when all you wanted to do was give in? BRAVE

  27. Have you tearfully whispered, “Tomorrow is going to be better”? BRAVE

  28. Have you tried without knowing the outcome? BRAVE

  29. Have you stood up for yourself? BRAVE

  30. Have you stood up for others? BRAVE

  31. Have you gone against the grain? BRAVE

  32. Have you voiced your opinion? BRAVE

  33. Have you forgiven someone? BRAVE

  34. Have you initiated a hard conversation? BRAVE

  35. Have you made a friend as an adult? BRAVE

  36. Have you loved? BRAVE

  37. Have you acknowledged a fear you have? BRAVE

  38. Have you faced something you’d been trying to avoid? BRAVE

  39. Have you accepted there are things you cannot change? BRAVE

  40. Have you asked a question when no one else put their hand up? BRAVE

  41. Have you actually accepted a compliment? BRAVE

  42. Have you changed course in life? BRAVE

  43. Have you made room in your life for the things that matter most? BRAVE

  44. Have you spoken your truth even though your voice shook? BRAVE

  45. Have you shared an idea with others? BRAVE

  46. Have you traveled alone? BRAVE

  47. Have you refused to give in to temptation? BRAVE

  48. Have you learned a new skill? BRAVE

  49. Have you admitted weakness? BRAVE

  50. Have you refused to give up on a dream? BRAVE


Dear friend, bravery is the million and one things you’re already doing, so don’t you dare say you aren’t brave. You courage inspires me, and I just bet that it inspires those around you, too. Own it.





Hey, hey! I’m Christiana Hill – just a down-to-earth girl who decided life was too short and dreams are too important to sit in a gray cubicle while wearing a pantsuit. Nowadays, I travel the US in my renovated school bus teaching anyone who will listen about the true Art of Bravery and how it can help you live a life where you refuse to settle. Glad you're here!